Common procedures performed by an orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney

Any procedure that’s performed on your musculoskeletal system such as muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons by an orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney can be categorised as an orthopaedic procedure.

There are many such procedures due to the broad spectrum of problem areas and disorders that specialised orthopaedic surgeons are trained to resolve. Let’s take a look at the most common surgeries and procedures:

  • Joint replacement surgeries
  • Revision joint surgeries
  • Spinal fusion & bone fusion procedures
  • Soft tissue repair surgeries
  • Debridement surgeries
  • Osteotomy procedures

Most of these surgeries performed by an orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney can be categorised into problem areas and common disorders as below:

  • Knee surgeries (for example, knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, minimally invasive knee joint replacement, knee osteotomy etc)
  • Shoulder surgeries (for example, rotator cuff repair, acromioplasty, AC joint excision etc)
  • Spine surgeries (for example, Atlanto-axial fusion, cervical arthroplasty, cervical corpectomy, disc replacement surgery, lumbar arthroplasty, lumbar laminectomy etc)
  • Hip procedures (for example, hip arthroscopy, total hip replacement, anterior hip replacement, revision hip replacement, minimally invasive revision (THR) anterior approach etc)
  • Wrist surgeries (for example, wrist arthroscopy and endoscopic carpal tunnel release, arthritis surgery, finger joint fusion)
  • Ankle procedures (for example, bunion surgery, foot reconstruction, ankle ligament reconstruction, ankle tenotomy etc)

If you suspect that you need one of the above procedures, it’s important to seek the expertise and guidance of the best Orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney. It’s usually a process where you must compare orthopedic surgeons in order to ensure that you receive the best care.

It’s advisable to consult an orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney who specialises in your problem areas such as a knee surgeon in Sydney, a hip surgeon in Sydney or a shoulder surgeon in Sydney. A specialist orthopaedic surgeon will have the experience and know-how to diagnose, treat, prevent, and rehabilitate a specific disorder, giving you the best chance of a quick recovery.