Help your patients find the right specialist

Why do GPs refer patients to Patient Connector?

Do you ever refer your patients to a specialist doctor, only to find them return because they cannot wait for the next available consultation or operation, or were unable to afford the specialist’s out of pocket costs? Do you wish your patients could access more detailed information regarding specialists’ fees and availability? Patient Connector is an online platform that gives patients access to transparent information related to fees, availability and location of specialist doctors, so they can make more informed decisions about their health. It also increases the efficiency of the referral process for you, as it empowers your patients to compare and select the right specialist for them based on transparent information that is currently unavailable to you or your patients.

How Does It Work?

1. You determine your patient needs to be referred to a specialist

You can still write a referral to a specialist you know. However as you don’t know this specialist’s fees or waitlist, they may not be suitable for your patient. As a result, you can refer them to Patient Connector to find another specialist. We can provide you with a pamphlet to give to your patient.

2. Patients make a free and private request for information

Patients upload their GP referral and any medical scans you ordered. Relevant specialists respond and the patient chooses their preferred specialist.

3. The patient chooses

The patient either returns to you to ask for a referral for their chosen specialist, or uses the open referral you provided. You are still the referring GP and the specialist will inform you of the patient's treatment plan. We will also inform you which specialist the patient selected.

Note: The Health Insurance Regulations 1975 do not stipulate you must address referrals to specific specialists. The Department of Human Services also states referrals don’t need to be made out to a certain specialist or consultant physician. The Department stipulates referrers should let patients choose where to present the referral. As a result, you can address referrals as “Dear Doctor”. You can provide this referral to the patient in the initial consultation so they do not have to return for a new referral.

To be clear, GPs are not intended to use the Patient Connector platform. Patients make requests for information on their own behalf.