Some Reasons to use Patient Connector

Sometimes you can’t receive the exact healthcare you’re looking for in a convenient and timely manner. The surgeon in Sydney that you’ve been referred to may not be available when you need to see them, or seeking his or her help may not be convenient for you. Below are some circumstances where we can assist you in finding the right specialist doctor.

See another qualified specialist doctor sooner

Many specialist doctors have long waitlists for consultation. This may be inconvenient for many patients as the longer they wait means the longer they will have to live in pain or anxiety without addressing their health concerns. A long waitlist not only pushes back the time you can start treating your medical condition, but it also delays the recovery time and the date that you’re finally able to get back to your normal routine. More importantly, there are many degenerative diseases where delaying treatment can worsen those problems which will further delay the time that it takes to recover.

If you are referred to a specialist doctor that has a waitlist that isn’t convenient for you, simply get in touch with us. We can help you find the appropriate specialist doctor in Sydney who has a shorter waitlist to ensure that you receive the required treatment as quickly as possible.

Get a Second Opinion

There are often multiple ways to treat an injury or condition and so it can be useful to obtain a second opinion from another doctor to consider your options. If you’re diagnosed with a certain condition and would like to get a second opinion from a great specialist doctor in Sydney, we can help you..

Find a specialist in a convenient location

The location of a specialist doctor may be an issue for you – perhaps they are too far away from your family and it is difficult for them to visit you, or perhaps your GP referred you to someone close to your work, but you would prefer to see a specialist closer to your home. If this is the case, we can help by providing you with a number of options of specialist doctors in a region where you tell us is convenient for you.

Similarly, you may be willing to travel further to find the right surgeon for you. If this is the case, we can let you know of other specialist options outside your current geographical location.

Compare fees

While fees are just one factor that may influence your decision in seeing a specialist, it can be helpful to know the range of fees that may be incurred to treat your injury or condition. Our service allows you to discretely compare fees, so you can make more informed decisions about your healthcare.

Bringing all the factors together

There are multiple factors to consider when determining which specialist doctor is appropriate for you. If any one of these factors is the most important, we can help. Alternatively, you may weigh up all of these factors to make your decision.